An immediate agreement for a credit request

Thanks to online financial institutions, you are able to get credit immediately. Indeed, these institutions ensure rapid processing of files. You will have an answer in principle as soon as you send your credit request. However, it should be noted that a policy response does not mean a definitive commitment on the part of the bank. It only informs you of the conditions of the contract and the documents to be provided. In general, the online financial institution sends you an agreement in principle to notify you that your file has been processed and that given the information you have given, there is a good chance that you will get the credit. But do not be reassured to get the loan until the signing of the loan offer.


The conditions to be fulfilled

The conditions to be fulfilled

There are conditions to be met in order to obtain credit online. For example, you cannot pretend to have an online loan if you are prohibited from banking because online establishments also consult bank files in France. You must present a convincing guarantee. But, nevertheless, the conditions of online banks are more flexible than those of conventional banks. You have the opportunity to find a super advantageous immediate credit agreement using online comparators. To obtain a loan that suits you, you are advised to provide as much information as possible about your professional and personal situation. You must also indicate the nature of the project to be carried out. Always take care to check if the information you enter in the loan application form is consistent with that found on your supporting documents.


Loan without proof of use

Loan without proof of use

Credit without proof of use costs more than borrowing where you have to tell the bank what you plan to do with the money borrowed. The financial institution will lend you a fixed amount which you will repay in the form of constant monthly payments. Revolving credit is also an option that allows you to obtain credit without proof. The online banking establishment will grant you a loan taking into account your current income and your repayment capacity. To have an immediate response for an online credit without proof of use, you must select the type of loan that suits you before contacting your online bank. This makes the processing of the file even faster. You should also have to carry all the documents relating to your personal and professional situation. Online banks provide an immediate policy response regardless of the type of credit.

With this portal, you are able to quickly and easily find the credit offer that suits you the most among the multiple offers that are available to you. Indeed, the site provides you with a credit comparator which provides you with safe and reliable results.

Extreme differences in social loans in Belgium.



Mortgage loans are more expensive than expected at some Belgian social lenders. A survey by the consumer organization Spin Lender, about which the Belgian newspaper De Morgen reported, shows that in many cases the interest with social lenders is even higher than with the ordinary bank.

Social loans in Belgium are not always “social”.

Social loans in Belgium are not always "social".

In March, the study requested rates from the social loan providers in the Flemish and Brussels regions. These data showed that some institutions use higher rates than the traditional bank and that there are large differences in rates among companies. The Belgian newspaper De Morgen writes: “The low-income families who assume that they already borrow cheaper from a social credit company than from the bank will be disappointed”.

Social lenders grant social loans for buying, building or keeping a modest home. There are two types of credit companies, the subsidized and the non-subsidized. Across Lender is a lender that is not subsidized by the government and recognizes the problems. Employee Erik Peeters: “Yes, we receive complaints from dissatisfied borrowers, but we cannot do anything about it. For our rates, we depend on politics. The Flemish government leaves the social credit companies out in the cold. We often have her there pointed out. “

Long term loans

Long term loans

For a loan of 100,000 USD over twenty years, Across Lender is more than 39,000 USD in repayments more expensive than the subsidized Flemish Housing Fund. It could be even more extreme: The Brussels social credit company Petit Propriétaire is even more than USD 47,500 more expensive than the Flemish Housing Fund.

Spin Lender wants the regional governments to quickly end the tangle of social loans. “Such huge differences cannot be justified. The social loans are not always social and miss their target,” said financial expert Yves Evenepoel of Spin Lender. “The problems are not there today. We have been getting complaints about social loans for twenty years.”

At the end of last year, the political party New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) already argued for a merger of the Flemish Housing Fund, the Flemish Society for Social Housing and companies such as the Across Lender. Flemish minister Freya Van den Bossche (Energy, Housing, Cities and Social Economy) emphasizes that this reform has been approved by the Flemish government and that centralization has been initiated at Flemish level.