“Online loan offerings are similar”

The online loan offer is starting to look more similar.

The online loan offer is starting to look more similar.

This is shown by research by WUA! to the online orientation on taking out a loan. In addition, Cream Bank was voted best online loan provider for the fourth time in a row.

Research bureau WUA! has researched the online orientation of taking out a loan. A total of 40 respondents between the ages of 25 and 64 participated in the study. This shows that for the fourth time in a row, Cream Bank has the best website for taking out a loan. Respondents gave the bank an average score of 6.9. Loan provider Freo achieved a score of 6.6 and Cream Bank finished in third place with a score of 6.3. Based on the research, according to WUA! conclude that the online supply of loans is starting to look more similar.

Cream Bank has been voted best online loan provider for the fourth time in a row, yet the difference in the top 3 is getting smaller. Compared to the previous measurement, in October 2011, the bank fell by half a point, while Freo rose by one point. Mainly thanks to the favorable interest rate, 27.5% of the respondents preferred Freo. The more well-known banks such as Infrabank, Litebank and Cream Bank were most visited by typing in the web address directly.

Makes the first impression

Makes the first impression

A second frequently used search strategy of the respondents was via a search engine. OHRA was the most frequently found. The survey also shows that Cream Bank, like last year, makes the best first impression. In terms of user-friendliness, AFAB scores best, the respondents described the website as ‘clear’. “An immediate overview of the loan forms without clicking through.” Strongest daler was OHRA, the bank drops from fourth to 13th place. This was partly due to the fact that respondents had to search for information for a long time and the calculation of the maximum loan amount resulted in ambiguities.

The Litebank website also caused annoyances among respondents. Especially calculating the maximum loan took a long time because the page concerned had to load for a long time. Despite the different search strategies and decision factors that the respondents had, it can be concluded that the websites of loan providers are starting to look more similar.

Buying back credits to finance your projects

Marriage, purchase of a new car, work to be carried out, children’s studies to be paid for… Life is made up of projects to be carried out. The only problem: how to finance them all? Today Lite Lenders Finances talks to you about the consolidation of credit to carry out all your most beautiful and ambitious projects.


What is loan consolidation?

loan consolidation?

With the student loan, consumer credit, mortgage (which also concerns work) it is not uncommon to subscribe to obtaining one or more money loans.

Grouping your credits into one allows you to reduce the amount of monthly payments and to depend on only one organization.

Using a company that specializes in buying loans has several advantages:

  • Simplification of budget management
  • Reduction of the monthly budget with a single monthly payment at a better rate
  • Establishment of a treasury to finance new projects
  • Inestimable time savings

You can estimate your monthly relief with this credit consolidation simulator.


What are the conditions?

money loans

Faced with the accumulation of debts it is often easier to give up all new projects than to seek at all costs an optimal financial means to carry them out. But thanks to the grouping of credits, new opportunities are available to you.

The grouping of loans is accessible to all without any distinction. Whatever your age, family or professional situation; Whether you are a tenant or an owner, you have the right to do so. To subscribe, simply contact an agency that will carefully study your requests. Because each person is unique, each solution must be personalized and made to measure.

You do not want to combine all your loans? No problem. You are masters of your money. You can choose to combine only certain credits if you wish.

In addition to its effectiveness, the repurchase of credit is simple to carry out and can be carried out in a very short time. So you no longer have to wait months to finance your new project.


Need a tailor-made solution?

money loans

At Lite Lenders Finances, expert in grouping of credits, professionals are at your disposal and at your disposal to answer all your questions. Our ambition? Help you accomplish all your projects and this as soon as possible.

First, make a simulation of grouping of credits on the Lite Lenders Finances website to find out your future monthly payments. If you like the offer, don’t hesitate and ask to be called back.

A dedicated advisor will be able to offer you personalized loan buy-back offers tailored to your possibilities.

Here the advisers are at your disposal and accompany you step by step for a quality follow-up.

Real estate purchase: think about tax reductions and credits

A real estate project? What effects on our taxes? They vary according to the nature of the purchase (main residence, secondary or rental investment), and the time of resale … Focus on essential measures.

Tax deductions or credits are not a thing of the past!


Even though the loan interest tax credit no longer exists since 2011, other measures are still in place. However, you have to choose the right situation for your profile and your project.

There is a notable difference between tax credits and tax reductions.

By definition :

  • The tax reduction is an amount subtracted from the amount of tax
  • The tax credit is also an amount subtracted from the amount of tax. But unlike the reduction, it can be reimbursed to you, in whole or in part, in two cases:
    • If the amount exceeds your tax
    • If you are not taxable

The energy renovation tax credit


To take advantage of this, you must do work that complies with the sustainable development charter that the government put in place definitively in September 2014.

To do this, they must concern at least two thermal improvements within the housing (purchase of pump heat, heating regulation, insulation…). This credit is limited to USD 8,000 for a single person or USD 16,000 for a couple declaring their income jointly.

Its installation is simple. When reporting taxes, specify the amount of your work in the “Reductions and Tax Credits” category.

A sub-section is called “Expenditure in favor of the environmental quality of the main house” and allows you to declare precisely the work you have carried out (energy saving, thermal insulation, energy production equipment using a source of energy). ‘renewable energy…).

However, it is important to keep the invoices for the works or materials purchased, they may be requested from you in the event of an inspection.

Tax reduction and tax exemption laws *

These measures allow you to withdraw from the amount of your taxes the deductible amount allocated by the State. They can be done in special cases

The most recent: the PINEL law. To benefit from it, you must buy a new property to rent it out and comply with certain constraints (notably the city of residence).

The previous law, the Duflot law, provided for an 18% tax reduction in the purchase price of new housing. Now, with the Pinel law, there are three possibilities:

In principle, the longer your commitment to rent your property, the greater the tax reduction will be. In practice, the owner must initially commit for a minimum of 6 years and extend his engagement for the two periods of three years.

If the main conditions remain unchanged (tenants’ resources, rent ceiling, the maximum price per square meter) the Pinel law, unlike the Duflot law, authorizes rental to ascendants and descendants, without compromising the tax advantage.

Other laws are favorable to individuals so that they constitute an additional and diversified heritage.

For example, the law Bouvard (Renter in Furnished Not Professional). It applies to the purchase (new or in transit) of tourist, business, student or EHPAD residences. These goods are furnished. This law makes it possible both to recover part of the price for tax exemption but also part of the price linked to VAT.

There are also more specific laws such as Malraux law, Debian…

With or without the benefit of a law, a rental investment allows you to reduce your taxes by creating a property deficit through renovation work and the charges created by the interest generated by a loan.

Do we still benefit from tax advantages in the event of renegotiation?

Do we still benefit from tax advantages in the event of renegotiation?

The current trend is lower rates, we may want to take advantage of them without losing the tax benefits.

If the renegotiation with your bank, or repurchase by another banking organization, does not call into question the tax advantage linked to the law of your investment, it is necessary to take into consideration the fall of the rate and therefore of the generated interests.

Because by paying less interest, you risk being more taxed on your rental income. This risks encumbering part of the profit from the renegotiation or the redemption of your credit.

* Current tax laws and benefits do not take precedence over future finance laws.