Civil servant credit: the credit grouping for civil servants

Civil servant or civil servant, this status confers certain privileges in matters of credit. Simply because of stable income, it is easier for banks to provide civil service credit or a grouping of credits to public sector employees. What are the advantages of an official loan? How to benefit from it and under what conditions? Lite Lending Finances answers you.


Who is the official credit?

Dedicated only to civil servants, the civil servant loan is a specific credit accessible without conditions and adapted to the resources of the borrower. The civil servant credit is the equivalent of the employer loan to which public service employees do not have access. Spouses and family can also benefit from it, although it is sometimes more advantageous to make 2 different loans for the same purchase (a civil servant loan backed by an employer loan: called employer loan or 1% loan, it is offered by the ‘company to the employee who wishes to access property at very advantageous rates). Do not hesitate to compare with the help of a mortgage broker.


What are the terms of the official credit?

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It is a mortgage for the purchase of land, new or old housing, with or without work. The rates are fixed in advance and the amounts are calculated according to the number of rooms and geographic areas. In addition to very favorable conditions, the civil servant credit benefits from a “civil servant mutual guarantee” which brings a guarantee to the loan, without expenses, for a period of 10 years and 15 years. In fact, certain civil servants mutual insurance companies as well as specialized organizations stand surety for civil servant credit. Like any home loan, the official loan must be supplemented by insurance to guarantee the loan.

The constitution of a file is quite similar to another loan of the same kind: it is necessary to justify a financial contribution, its banking history, its income, and prove its solvency.


The benefits of loan consolidation for officials

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Because of its specific conditions linked to a stable income, having an official loan reassures the banks and promotes the obtaining of a grouping or repurchase of credits. Faced with a sudden change in life (illness, divorce, arrival of a new child) or to respond to a new project such as a new property purchase or to finance a trip, budget management can prove to be delicate and disturbed. So you need quick and reliable help to straighten the bar. Consolidating credits for civil servants can be a good solution to improve your cash flow need or help you reduce your daily budget. Indeed, this allows you to reduce your monthly payments into one, lower and therefore more advantageous, and to provide additional funds to carry out your projects.

At Lite Lending Finances, your request is processed as quickly as possible by our dedicated analysts. Our trusted partnerships with the main banks allow us to obtain serious and realistic proposals with your project. Do you want to get an idea before you start? Our credit consolidation simulators allow you to estimate your new credit redemption rate in seconds. Our advisers are on hand to offer you the best solution to your needs and support you every step of the way.

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